Custom Funding Search System
Target the perfect fit between your business and funding sources.

$67 Custom Search System

What is it?

Search the Funding Directory with an extensive keyword list. Target the perfect fit between your business and funding sources. Unlimited search results for six months!

  • Instant access to extensive list
  • Easy to use
  • Save time
  • Unlimited access
  • Unlimited search results (for 6 months)
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Our Custom Search System saves you time and is easy to use.

How it helps you?

  • Easy access to unknown sources
  • Avoid random internet searches
  • Verified sources and information
  • Target funding sources quicker
  • Find niche funding much faster

Frequently Asked Questions

What Funding Directory search options do I have?
You have 2 options: The Free Funding Directory search engine and the Custom Search System upgrade.
What is the Custom Search System?
The Custom Search System is a fee-based upgrade to our Free Funding Directory search engine providing additional search criteria for targeting funding sources.
How do I subscribe?
Provide your first name, last name and email address. Credit card is required.
What does the Custom Search System upgrade cost?
The Custom Search System upgrade offers unlimited search results over 6 months for $67.
What can the Custom Search System do for me?
The Custom Search System feature provides significantly increased search capabilities through expanded keywords. Search the directory by Funding Category, Target, List and State.

Refund Policy:   You can cancel at any time via your CMS account, but there are no refunds for unused time.

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